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Knitting Time Together: Knit free or Die!

Knitting Time Together PodcastKnitting Time Together, Episode 21

Date: August 25, 2007

Full episode: 181 Miles to Mecca

Summary: So, I’m sending my latest recording, I’ll Get Old And Die, around to a few podcasts, and my friend Theresa at Knitting Time Together mistakenly gets the idea that it’s her new theme song.

You know what, though? Our miscommunication turns out to be serendipitous, because on her third or fourth listen, the pieces all fall together and Theresa realizes that I’ll Get Old And Die is the perfect theme song for a podcast about knitting, and that I was thinking about knitting when I wrote the song!

And I was like, ooooo-kay

But let Theresa tell you the story in her own words:

Ball of yarnI have to say, Ken, whose last name I’m not going to to pronounce — or try to pronounce for that matter — has some really funny (songs)….

I said, Hey, you know. Can you write me a theme song and he responded back and said, No, I don’t really know anything about knitting. And I was like, ooooo-kay, I can understand that. And then he sent me this theme song.

At first it was like, I’ll Get Old and I’ll Die? Look, hey, I don’t really understand why he thought I might want to use this. And then I listened to it again.

Old ladies knittingIt really kind of embodied the spirit of a lot of the older women that I interviewed when I first started podcasting. It’s kind of, you know, just because I’m 89 doesn’t mean I can’t knit anymore. Just because I’m 89 doesn’t mean my life is over.

For my part, I’m thrilled to help (however unwittingly) advance the cause of knitting. If even one old lady picks up the crochet needles after she hears my song, then I’ll have earned a spot in heaven.

All together now: Tur-ets-kee

And by the way, Theresa, it’s Tur-ets-kee. Let’s get past that little mental block, shall we? (See Knitting Time Together: Stuffed Morris from the May 6 Podcast Roundup). I’m going to want a proper credit on every episode of the show from now on.

For those who are interested in knitting, here’s the yarn.com market report from Steve Elkins, interview guest on the latest Knitting Time Together:

SocksI think socks are going to continue to be big. I think lace will be big probably for a little while longer.

I would say you’re going to see a trend towards green fiber — as much as can be produced. It’s very difficult and expensive to do a good organic wool or good organic cotton. And dyeing it is even harder!

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Everybody wears socks! I’m taking all my money out of real estate and putting it into socks!

At first it was like, I’ll Get Old and I’ll Die?  (1:37).

Posted in: Podcast Roundup at 5:36 pm Tue, Aug 28, 2007.

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