Album cover for Ken Turetzky: Look What I Made!Catch my bad-attitude acoustic comedy songs on the Sirius Radio Raw Dog Comedy Channel, the Red Peters Comedy Music Show on Sirius Howard 101, the Dr. Demento Show and the Podsafe Music Network.

Listen for free in the player, and if you’re feeling charitable, take home an mp3. My songs are widely available on iTunes and CD Baby and through many other online retail outlets.

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Enjoy these amusing songs by me and my friends. Listen to every track in my mp3 store for free!

Drinking For England and The Homicidal Maniac’s Song © 2006 and You Suck Bad © 2007 Small Pudding/ASCAP. Kicked In The Nuts © 2006 Brandon Higgins.

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Look What I Made! (album)

iTunes Ken Turetzky - Look What I Made!  »  320k mp3 package ($4.95)  »  

Get the CD from CD Baby ($8.99). Preview booklet front and back  »  

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My Fat Ass Itches

iTunes Ken Turetzky - Look What I Made! - My Fat Ass Itches  »  320k mp3 (.99).

Her Shit Don’t Stink

iTunes Ken Turetzky - Look What I Made! - Her Shit Don't Stink  »  320k mp3 (.99)  »  

Also: Get this song on Best Of The Red Peters Comedy Music Hour, Volume 1 from Oglio Records.

Don’t Really Matter

iTunes Ken Turetzky - Look What I Made! - Don't Really Matter  »  320k mp3 (.99).

Today Was A Very Good Day

iTunes Ken Turetzky - Look What I Made! - Today Was a Very Good Day  »  320k mp3 (.99).

If They Found Me Dead

iTunes Ken Turetzky - Look What I Made! - If They Found Me Dead  »  320k mp3 (.99).

More culturally significant comedy music singles:

The Ballad Of Morris The Cat

320k mp3 (.99).

I’ll Get Old And Die

128k (Free)  »  320k mp3 (.99).

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Her Shit Don't Stink:
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My Fat Ass Itches:

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